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U.S.A. General Academic Camps

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International Junior Golf Academy

Stay on Top of Your Game with IJGA Golf Summer Camp!

IJGA offers coed, summer boarding and day golf camps for the novice to elite level athlete ages 8-19. All IJGA golf camps parallel the boarding Academy program, and focus on technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects of golf for the optimal performance edge.

All facilities are pro-grade. You will receive individual attention, including in-depth instruction by some of the leading golf coaches in the country, and performance training designed to improve golf specific agility and power.

IJGA campers also engage in nutritional, goal-setting and leadership presentations. Our most important goal is to provide the very best in individual instruction and evaluation, camper experience and safety/supervision.

We'll help you transform into the athlete you never thought possible.

EB Academic Camps at Norfolk Christian School

Located at Norfolk Christian School, incoming 7th-8th graders enjoy an exciting, fun-filled academic environment focused on reading and writing. Join Mrs. Gabrielle Schoenrock for an experience you won't forget! Students are encouraged to attend at least two weeks of camp!

Tufts Summer Study

  • Medford, MA U.S.A.

Academic Enrichment & Survival

  • Fayetteville, NC U.S.A.

College Admission Prep Summer Camp

  • Chapel Hill, NC U.S.A.

EBL Coaching

  • New York, NY U.S.A.

Wood Montessori Academy Camp

  • Palm Beach Gardens, FL U.S.A.

Summer in the Park

  • Sunnyside, NY U.S.A.

Brown Summer Programs

  • Providence, RI U.S.A.

Judith Re Academie

  • Fairfield, CT U.S.A.

Nashville Chess Center Chess Camp

  • Murfreesboro, TN U.S.A.

Kopec's Chess Camp

  • Kew Gardens, NY U.S.A.

Enroll for Enrichment

  • Media, PA U.S.A.

Fairfax Collegiate

  • Reston, VA U.S.A.

Academy Learning Center (The)

  • Solana Beach, CA U.S.A.

SCORE! Academic Camp

  • Philadelphia, PA U.S.A.


  • Cambridge, MA U.S.A.

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